What we want to accomplish

What we want to accomplish

Body Sculpt provides strength and fitness driven sessions. Every session is designed to push your limits and challenge the muscular, cardiovascular and neural systems.

We lead and encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle from what you eat, to how you train. Our method promises our clients to keep the intensity and rewards high.

We offer semi private personal training for groups of 2 people per session. All sessions are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. There is 1 trainer in every session who will guide you through our handwritten workouts and track what you lift.

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Physical Fitness

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Session Breakdown


  • Compound Lifts                                 
  • Isolation & Accessories  
  • Conditioning

Compound lifts are the heart of our sessions. Stimulating several muscle groups at one time to help you gain maximum strength and muscle size. To accompany these lifts we will work on isolation movements which are essential for increasing volume and targeting weaker muscle groups. Every session will finish with a short challenge that will ultimately increase your physical fitness.


  • High Intensity
  • Sweat
  • Reboot

The foundation of our sessions is muscle conditioning. ie resistance training and weightlifting. It is essential to recognise the importance of heart and lung conditioning too and include into your weekly training split. This will be optimised by taking the time to develop your physical fitness every Saturday. Being physically fitter guarantees you a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

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    Tara Harte

    “Everyday you can improve, all you have to do is start”

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    Paul Cuffe

    “Making it happen”