Nutrition for Clients

Body Sculpt Nutritionist:

Scott Murray

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, body recomposition or just live a healthy lifestyle. We tailor your nutrition plan to achieve your desired goals.

“Without adequate nutritional support to compliment the work performed in the gym, you simply won’t maximise your results. Fact!

Furthermore, not only is food seen as fuel, we cannot forget that it also plays a large part of your social life and is encouraged to be enjoyed

This is where I bridge the gap between the two and create a unique dietary set up which caters to maximise both.” – Scott

  • BSc in Health & Performance science in University College Dublin (1st Class honours)
  • MSc in Food Nutrition & Health in University College Dublin (2.1 grade)
  • ITEC qualified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching (IINH)
  • Precision nutrition certification